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Hey guys!

I know I didn’t post anything last week. I had meant to warn you guys, but time got the better of me. I went home for the holidays, and since I hadn’t seen my family since classes began in August, we had a lot of catching up to do and were always on our toes.

And now Thanksgiving break has all too quickly come to a close, which only means one thing…


My finals are both this week and next, so needless to say, I have a lot of studying to do. Unfortunately, this mean I won’t be able to post anything until after the 13th. Sorry.

But on a happy note, winter break is almost here, and I have a ton of reviews and other miscellaneous posts to publish that it’s not even funny. But hopefully it will all be worth the wait. 🙂

I hope to hear from you guys soon, and God Bless!

-Casey Baumgartner

penguin kisses

Writing My Legacy Is Back!!!

This blog was put on a temporary hiatus on August 12, and though it took much longer than I had initially planned, I’m back, everybody!…with some good news and some bad.

For starters, I promise I did not forget about you guys this past month. Every morning I would wake up thinking “I’ll find time to post something today.” Unfortunately, attending a top-rate university has been more overwhelming than I had expected. And it doesn’t help that I signed up for 15 course hours when I was constantly recommended to only sign up for 12.

I’ve been struggling day-to-day, scrounging for enough free time to write some of my works-in-progress, read books off my TBR list, and just hang out with some of the new friends I’ve made. It’s been a difficult road, but I think I’ve finally figured out a proper studying schedule that works best for me and my priorities.

That being said, my time during the school year is obviously much more limited than it was during the summer. I will continue this blog (I’ve worked so hard for it that it would break my heart to give up now.), but some things are going to have to change.

  1. Though Writing My Legacy caters to both the writer and the reader, it was originally developed to more strictly emphasize writing, through writing-prompts, journal entries, and writing advise. I feel like I’ve gotten way too bookish-meme-happy and therefore neglected the writing portion of this blog. This will no longer be the case starting right now. Because I have less time to write, I have no choice but to cut down on some of my weekly posts. Memes that will continue are as follows: One-Minute Mondays, Photo Fridays, Word of the Week, & Quote of the Week.
  2. Despite the fact that I’d like to focus more on writing, I realize that many of my followers read this blog specifically for my book reviews and bookish memes. Because I am taking both a literature and creative writing class, pleasure reading has almost become nonexistent in my life. I will keep posting book reviews, but I must warn you they will be few and far between. I also intend to resume The Friday 56. Any other meme postings (Top Ten Tuesday, Booking Through Thursday, Thoughtful Thursday, & Thursday Thoughts) will be entirely dependent on how much time I have available.

Now, if I haven’t scared you away yet, I’d like you to know being away from this blog and my faithful readers has left an empty place in my heart, and I’m absolutely thrilled to be back.

I’d love to know how you guys have been this past month and answer any questions you may have for me, so be sure to leave me a comment below!

God Bless. 😀

-Casey Baumgartner

Important Update!

I’m just typing up a quick update to let you know that I will be unable to post on this blog for the next week or so. I’m currently in the process of packing for the big move on Friday and will then be busy setting up my new apartment, looking for another job, and preparing for my junior year of classes to start. I know Writing My Legacy is still pretty small compared to most book and writing blogs, but I really do appreciate all of my loyal and dedicated readers and sincerely hope that you bare with me during this substantial milestone in my life. Though my blog will remain stagnant, my reading and writing will not so be prepared for one or two exciting new book reviews upon my return. I also promise to come back with a couple more worthwhile surprises I’m sure you will all enjoy, so be on the look out.

I hope to hear from you guys soon, and God Bless!

-Casey Baumgartner

I Don't Want To Go

Until next time…