Surgeon General

Congratulations to My Simple Blog’s “Surgeon General” for being last week’s Photo Fridays selection!

This portrayal wasn’t what I was expecting. You found a way to tell a whole story with such few words. Great job!

My Simple Blog

“Why is he on stilts?” my little sister asked.

“Why not?” I snapped.

She stood there with her little pudgy fists on her hips, staring at the man walking down the road on stilts. Okay, maybe it was something you don’t see every day. Not that I was going to admit it to her.

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Where Trees Meet Sky

Congratulations to My Simple Blog’s “Where Trees Meet Sky” for being last week’s Photo Fridays selection!

I love the angle you took. It’s been awhile since I’ve read a flash fiction this good, and I can’t wait to see what you have in store next.

My Simple Blog

Perhaps I am a coward after all. I stop. Bent over and pushing the rifle against my thighs just above my knees, I heave great breaths of air into my lungs and force them back out. My side stitch has returned, like a hot knife, lancing me through the side. The agony is excruciating. It is some measure of what I deserve, I think.

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Bikini Girl Found

Congratulations to My Simple Blog’s “Bikini Girl Found” for being last week’s Photo Fridays selection!

I would have never thought to write this. You gave me quite the laugh. Keep it up!

My Simple Blog

Well, the other day before I went into the store to stock shelves and do inventory—the normal thrill routine—I found an envelope glued to my windshield. Yeah, I mean glued. Like some numbnut superglued that thing in the middle of my windshield.  What? Am I talking too fast for you, dude? Sue-Per-Gla-Ooooooo.

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Tide’s Gone Out

Congratulations to My Simple Blog’s “Tide’s Gone Out” for being last week’s Photo Fridays selection!

I loved the last paragraph. Nice work!

My Simple Blog

The wind has picked up, casting a bit of a chill in the evening air. I throw another layer on and take a cup of cocoa with me to watch the sunset over the Pacific. The views here in the evenings are more spectacular than the brochure claims. Believe it for it’s true.

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Collided Souls

Congratulations to tamer of wild beasts’ “Collided Souls” for being last week’s Photo Fridays selection!

tamer of wild beasts

I believe souls are recycled and certain souls will always be connected, by a force too great to describe.  It’s the same force that makes the waves crash against the sand, the sunrise, and the blood pump through your veins.  It is the force that makes everything as harmonious as the most beautiful song.  I remember the moment I saw him, as I looked into his translucent blue eyes reminding me of the clear blue waters of paradise.  His eyes spoke to my gut, that feeling somewhere deep inside my stomach and heart.  Maybe it is because his eyes are so clear that he saw me the true me, not the tore up me that sat in front of him, with one outfit, and a bruise on my neck where a man choked me a little too hard as I let him fuck me.  I did not know who…

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Sparring with the Stars

Congratulations to greyzr’s “Sparring with the Stars” for being last week’s Photo Fridays selection!


We needed some bread and were out of milk, so I stepped out to go to the grocery store. I told Mike he had to finish his homework before he could play any video games or watch TV. He yelled, “Whatever, mom!” I rolled my eyes and walked out the door to the garage.

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The Princess and Her Hart

Congratulations to greyzr’s “The Princess and Her Hart” for being last week’s Photo Fridays selection!


Eemyoin first stumbled upon the strange clearing when he was out hunting for venison for his growing family. He had chased his quarry, a magnificent buck, into a strange clearing of purple ground cover. After several steps into this clearing, he had a strange light-headed feeling come over him. Despite this dizziness, he staggered on, intent on catching his prey. He thought he saw the head and antlers just ahead, watching him, hanging in a milky fog. With his next step, he stumbled and fell forward, landing on a bare patch of ground among the purple weeds and thorns. He lifted his head and the thick fog had vanished. Instead of the stag, he saw a beautiful young woman in what looked like a bird nest.

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