Top Ten Tuesdays

Top Ten Tuesday Throwback (#18): Places We Like to Read

Top Ten Tuesday is an original weekly meme hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl. However, we decided to take a page from Just Us Book Blog and split the Top Ten Tuesday posts between the two of us. We’ll each post our top five book choices (in no particular order) based on certain themes. If you would also like to participate, find out the rules by clicking here.

1.  In BED!!! 95% of the time I’m reading in my bed. It is probably the most comfortable space that I find for reading.


2- On the couch, but nobody should be around me so I can focus. If someone is in the room, I’ll go to my room to read in bed lol!


3. Bookstores. I mean it is the perfect place to sit down and just read. Everything about is bookwormish (a word that I just created). 


4. On the beach. This is also one of the places that I feel that is very relaxing. Imagine listening to the ocean while reading!


5- On the plane. By now I’m used to long flights, so I always bring a book just in case I may get bored from watching movies. 


6. Reclining on my caravan sports zero gravity lounge chair (yes, I looked up that whole name 🤗) on my secluded back patio while I “attempt” to tan, except during ladybug season where ladybugs literally cover the backyard.

giphy (20)

7. On my rocking chair next to my bookcase in my bedroom during a lazy weekend . . . This girl likes comfort.

giphy (19)

8. During long layover times between flights. The longest I’ve had to wait was when the plane malfunctioned. It was late at night, so we had to stay at the airport for almost 8 hours. The chairs weren’t comfortable enough to sleep on, so I just read the whole time. I also got weird stares.

giphy (18)

9. Riding down the river bank on my dad’s 24 foot Chaparral. I don’t like to go swimming because I live in the South, and there are gators.

giphy (21)

10. During office hours because students rarely come to seek help, or you end up sitting there all alone for 1-2 hours bored af.

giphy (17)

What places / situations do you like to read in? Leave your answer as a comment below.

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