Wishlist Wednesdays

Wishlist Wednesday #5

Welcome to Week 5 of Wishlist Wednesday, an original weekly meme where either Writing My Legacy or InkReads will post a spotlight on new or upcoming releases (or maybe even older books we’ve just recently heard great things about) that we’re excited to get our hands on. These books may even be featured in future book reviews, which you can find here, so stay tuned!

So I know that it’s technically Thursday, but I was out of town yesterday and most of the day today with no access to my computer. Better late than never!


The Secret Lives of Royals by Shalini Dua

Book Release: June 12th 2018

I know I just posted a book blitz on this upcoming novel, but I’m a pretty big fan of fairytale-esque stories so I’m definitely going to give this one a try. For more information, check out my book blitz post here.

Are there any books you’re looking forward to reading or that you’d recommend to us? If so, leave a comment below. Our bookcases (and floors) always have room for more. 😉

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