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Cover Reveal #1: The Fixer by Octavia Simone

Title: The Fixer
Author: Octavia Simone
Book Release: June 27th 2018
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance
Links: Goodreads

Ramaya James, PR Specialist to the Stars, Athletes, and other notable people, is the absolute best at what she does. Toss any person of interest in front of her, and she would turn them into the best clean cut figure you’d ever seen.

She could make the devil look like a saint.

Jermaine Sneed has everything he’s ever wanted. Money, major assets, actual keys to cities, women, and all the alcohol and drugs, his money can buy.

When news of an incident involving Jermaine is plastered all over the news and social media, Ramaya is immediately called in for damage control, which doesn’t sit well with Mr. Sneed.

As she gets to know who Jermaine is, Ramaya soon finds herself in a tangle of drama and anguish, while wrestling with her growing feelings towards Jermaine. 

Fixing Jermaine and the world around her won’t be easy, but she’s up to the task.

Author. Crowned Urban Romanticist. Black Love Champion.

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