Story Snippets

Story Snippets #3

Welcome to Story Snippets #3.

Story Snippets is a section where we’ll post little quotes, here and there, that we find interesting from our current reading. These quotes will all lead up to a final book review found here, so stay tuned!

november 9

November 9 by Colleen Hoover

I’m currently rereading this book for the third time and I have no shame in doing so! I love it! The plot, the characters, and Colleen’s writing style are just amazing! 


“When you find love, you take it. You grab it with both hands and you do everything in your power not to let it go. You can’t just walk away from it and expect it to linger until you’re ready for it.” – ( pg. 545)

“Did you just say sigh? out loud? instead of actually sighing?
“Eye roll” – (pg. 313)

“Goals are achieved through discomfort and hard work. They aren’t achieved when you hide out in a place where you’re nice and cozy.” – (pg.236)

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