Story Snippets

Story Snippets #2

Welcome to Story Snippets #2.

Story Snippets is a section where we’ll post little quotes, here and there, that we find interesting from our current reading. These quotes will all lead up to a final book review found here, so stay tuned!

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English Literature: A Very Short Introduction by Jonathan Bate

“‘Once upon a time’: it is where we begin with literature, and in all probability it is where literature began. The primitive community gathers round a fire and listens to a storyteller conjuring up the spirits of gods, ancestors, and heroes. Humankind needs stories in order to make sense of the world.” (pg. 13)

“A Levisite – and perhaps a Dickensian – answer to the question ‘what is English Literature?’ might therefore be ‘you know it when you experience it’. Literature means the books that you live with and love, those that embody life.” (pg. 24)

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