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One-Minute Mondays

Welcome to Week 23 of One-Minute Mondays.

It’s amazing how our brains work and how we can form a connection between coffee → your favorite coffee creamer flavor is cinnamon vanilla creme → you used to have a dog named Cinnamon → now you have a dog named Pepper who just left a trail of socks from your sock drawer to her bed, because she couldn’t decide which pair she liked best.

This unsystematic train of thought is the basis behind One-Minute Mondays, an original weekly meme where I’ll post writing prompts that consist of one or two random, out-of-the-box words. The goal is to read the prompt, set a timer to one-minute (or click the youtube timer I’ve provided below), and write the first thing that comes to mind.



  1. Let your mind wander like it’s supposed to.
  2. Don’t worry about sounding perfect and making complete sense.
  3. Don’t let your pencil/pen leave the page or your fingers leave the keyboard.
  4. Don’t stop to overthink. Just write.
  5. When your time is up, take a moment to read what you’ve written, and you may be surprised at how many potential writing prompts you’ve just created for yourself. 
  6. If you are interested in where your response is headed, you may exceed the one-minute time limit.
  7. You may participate in this exercise just for fun, or you may post your one-minute response to your own blog or any other form of social media.
  8. If you post your response, be sure to include a link back to this blog, Writing My Legacy.
  9. Paste the link for your post (NOT your blog) as a comment below before the end of Friday.
  10. If you do not have a blog or form of social media in which to post your response, you may copy it into the comment box below.
  11. Each week, I will pick one response and post it here the following Monday.


And the theme for this week is…..





Hey guys!

I know I didn’t post anything last week. I had meant to warn you guys, but time got the better of me. I went home for the holidays, and since I hadn’t seen my family since classes began in August, we had a lot of catching up to do and were always on our toes.

And now Thanksgiving break has all too quickly come to a close, which only means one thing…


My finals are both this week and next, so needless to say, I have a lot of studying to do. Unfortunately, this mean I won’t be able to post anything until after the 13th. Sorry.

But on a happy note, winter break is almost here, and I have a ton of reviews and other miscellaneous posts to publish that it’s not even funny. But hopefully it will all be worth the wait. 🙂

I hope to hear from you guys soon, and God Bless!

-Casey Baumgartner

penguin kisses