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Book Review #5: Futureless, by K. J. Draeghan

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this novel from the author in exchange for an honest review. I am not paid by or affiliated with any organization, author, or publisher, and everything I write here is of my own opinion.


          Title: Futureless (Beyond Oblivion Trilogy, #1)

          Author: K. J. Draeghan

          Genre: Fantasy, Epic Fantasy

          Length: 496 pages

          Publication Date: Monday, 28 July 2014

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          In a world far, far away, there exists a giant mass of land that five                         unique races call their home – Ilreya.

Long ago, Ilreya was torn asunder by the gnashing jaws of a vicious war: The Blood War. The five nations of this land had never known true peace, their racism and distrust creating great rifts between them. With this war, the rifts grew wider still. When all the continent seemed about to perish at the hands of its inhabitants, a treaty was struck. This treaty, despite ending the bloodshed, did not mend the hate the races felt for each other and soon all contact ceased between them.

Now, many centuries later, war threatens to rear its hideous head yet again. The barbarous William Blaise, current ruler of the weredragon nation, has grown mad with his desire for power. With his awesome might he plans to bring the other races of Ilreya to their knees and claim the entire continent as his own.

There is only one way he can be stopped: A group of youths from the Ilreyan nation of Coruka must band together and bring an end to the monster’s rule before war begins anew. Though they will face incredulous peril and devastating trials, success is their only option. If they fail, if they cannot find it within themselves to defeat such a formidable foe, the only world they’ve ever known will languish under the weight of the chains Blaise will bind it in.

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“He grinned at the way she was scrutinizing him and revealed pearly white fangs. ‘If you think this part of me is good . . .’ And then he stepped completely out of the shadows and she gasped. Enormous membranous wings, black as the darkness form which he emerged, unfurled behind him.”

My Review: 

While reading Futureless, I found myself willingly drawn into a world filled with creatures and characters I had never before imagined. From Kuljians to werecats, there were so many different beings and races that I couldn’t wait to see what would appear next. Though Futureless has many appreciable qualities, there were three aspects that made an impression on me the most.

  1. Detail: Draeghan wrote with such thorough detail and imagery. Every situation that occurred and every new creature that emerged were painted so vividly in my mind that I felt as though I had been transported into the universe she had created.
  2. Dialogue: I was amazed at how perfect the majority of the dialogue was in this book, especially because dialogue is one of the writing facets I have the most trouble with. Draeghan did an exemplary job at using dialogue to enhance and reveal her characters’ backgrounds and dispositions; her word-choice was clever, humorous, and dead-on.
  3. Romance: Though I did get a glimpse into some budding affections, there were no we-just-met-and-now-we’re-in-love-and-will-live-happily-ever-after moments. The emotional development was realistic, and I was impressed to get through an entire book without reading even one actually defined relationship – just the promise of potential ones.

The biggest critique I found in this novel was that some of the names and places (though beautiful in their own right) were extremely hard, if not impossible, to pronounce. I found myself pausing to wrap each word around my tongue for much too long a time, until finally giving up and skipping over the words whenever they reappeared. I understand that these words were meant to amplify the fictional world of Ilreya. That being said, I dislike it when I attempt to have a bookish conversation with another reader, and instead of discussing the book, we get sidetracked in arguing over whose pronunciation is correct. This has happened to me with various books, and I fear Futureless will become one of them.

A page-turner at its best, Futureless had me intrigued to the point where I struggled to put it down. I would recommend it to any fantasy fiction lovers. I, for one, enjoyed it immensely and will be (im)patiently waiting for book two to be released.

My rating: ★★★★ (4/5)

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“You cannot evade your past. I have been here, inside of you, waiting for you to awaken. You cannot evade the present. You are my child and I am your daughter. Your hate is my hate. Your blood is my blood. You cannot evade your future. I will be your fangs; your claws. I will bring you infinite power and joy. I will bring you unrelenting weakness and sorrow. You cannot evade me. Our hearts will beat as one for the rest of all eternity.”

About the Author: 

K. J. Draeghan was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia, in 1991. Soon after this she moved to the United States, where she grew up. Due to her tempestuous home environment she became very familiar with stories, taking particular interest in ones that drew her into a different world. Finding solace in writing shaped her into a wordsmith, her ability to write coming naturally to her. Later in life she was often credited by her professors as having a “gift” for writing. Her results of the English aptitude test she took for college were quite nearly flawless – surpassing even university-level graduates.
Draeghan now lives in Quebec with her hedgehog Pearl.

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