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Collided Souls

Congratulations to tamer of wild beasts’ “Collided Souls” for being last week’s Photo Fridays selection!

tamer of wild beasts

I believe souls are recycled and certain souls will always be connected, by a force too great to describe.  It’s the same force that makes the waves crash against the sand, the sunrise, and the blood pump through your veins.  It is the force that makes everything as harmonious as the most beautiful song.  I remember the moment I saw him, as I looked into his translucent blue eyes reminding me of the clear blue waters of paradise.  His eyes spoke to my gut, that feeling somewhere deep inside my stomach and heart.  Maybe it is because his eyes are so clear that he saw me the true me, not the tore up me that sat in front of him, with one outfit, and a bruise on my neck where a man choked me a little too hard as I let him fuck me.  I did not know who…

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