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Thursday Thoughts (#5): Rating Systems


Thursday Thoughts is an original, weekly meme hosted by Ok, Let’s Read where I’ll post my thoughts on whatever topic is thrown at me. If you would also like to participate, find out the rules by clicking here.


This Week’s Topic:

Rating Systems


My Thoughts:

A person shouldn’t read book reviews in the first place if they aren’t expecting to regard the opinion of fellow readers. When the majority of the world visits book review sites/blogs/pages, they’re searching for an answer to at least three questions:

  1. What is the book about?
  2. Who’s the book’s primary audience?
  3. How did other readers react to the book?

The star rating system is an important portion of these reviews. Not only is this due to the fact that many reviewers utilize it to enhance their articles but also because several people, those who are far too busy to read through an entire piece, only look long enough to view a novel’s star rating.

Though I believe in the importance of the rating system, I also understand its flaws. Not every reviewer/blogger institutes the same rating system. Some use five stars. Some use seven. Some even use ten. This can cause immense confusion towards the reader if they have no way of understanding what each rating range means.

Because of this, every site/blog/page should have an established explanation of its personal rating system. This way, if a reader was to have a couple favorite book reviewers, he or she will know exactly what each rating means.


My book review rating scale is as follows:

★★★★★ Go buy it NOW!

★★★★ Definitely worth a read.

★★★ If it’s free (from library or friend), read it.

★★ You could live without reading it.

★ Firewood. At least it’s good for something.


How do you feel about rating systems? Leave a comment below.

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