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Top Ten Tuesday (#5): Book Cover Trends I Hate

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Top Ten Tuesday is an original weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish where I’ll post my top ten book choices (in no particular order) based on certain themes. If you would also like to participate, find out the rules by clicking here.


I’ve read a couple TTTs today and noticed a lot of repetition going on. This post is no exception, though I think it’s interesting that we are all annoyed at the same banal trends. 😀


1. Left Behind: Why is the girl always walking away?


2. It’s All In Your Head: I’m not that blind. I don’t need a close-up to prove that you’re prettier than me.


3. I’ve Got My Eye On You: I see more of this trend than I care to. Creepy.


4. The Ball Gown: Yes, the gowns are beautiful, but I’m getting tired of seeing so many of them.



5. Never Let Go: And the originality never stops.


6. Only Half A Face: You already went with the huge-head trend. You might as well show us the rest of it. (I’m sorry Kelley Armstrong. I still adore your books!)

7. Headless: Now this is downright ridiculous.


8. The Almost Kiss: Just do it already!


9. Erotica: …


10. Movie Posters: This makes me so angry, and I always have trouble finding the original covers.


Which of these trends do you hate? Are there any you would have added to this list? I love to read your opinions, so leave a comment below.


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