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Thursday Thoughts (#4): Rereads


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This Week’s Topic:


My Thoughts:

I catch myself rereading book series all the time. Reentering one of my favorite series (for instance, the Mercy Thompson series or the Darkest Powers series) because I couldn’t help but pick it back up is one thing, but the major reason I’m constantly reading the same books over and over again is because I frequently make the mistake of starting incomplete series.

When a movie sequel is about to come out to theaters, many people rush to borrow or rent the previous one so as to re-familiarize themselves with it. Well, that is how I am with books. Unfortunately, books take me longer than two hours to read. I keep telling myself to not begin a series unless it is completed, but most of the time I just can’t help it. They just lure me in. 😦


Do you reread any books? Leave a comment below.
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4 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts (#4): Rereads

  1. I love rereading books, usually it’s books I have absolutely loved. I recently reread TFIOS so I could recap before the movie. The first time I read it I enjoyed it, but I wasn’t blown away like everyone else seemed to be and I didn’t cry. The reread was better because I knew what to expect going in, I wasn’t going to be getting realistic characters and I was okay with that. It worked because I ended up sobbing and really enjoying it more that time around. I reread a lot of series when a new book comes out because otherwise I would be completely lost. Here’s my answer.

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