My Legacy

I Shall Never Stop Writing

I shall never stop writing…

Because it is all I’m good at

Because it is expected of me

Because it is my portal of escape

Because my words are never perfect enough

Because some people told me I couldn’t

Because otherwise the stories in my mind would overwhelm me

Because you never know who will read my work

Because simple words can change extraordinary lives

Because some things can only be conveyed on paper

Because my words are my legacy


This is my answer poem to Carole Satyamurti’s “I Shall Paint My Nails Red.”

I challenge you to write your own version of a because poem (it can be about ANYTHING from painting your nails to eating pizza to gardening), and post it on some form of social media whether it’s your blog, facebook, twitter, etc. Leave me the link to your post in a comment below so I can read your work! 🙂

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