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Thursday Thoughts (#2): TBR Lists


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This Week’s Topic:

TBR Lists


My Thoughts:

I’ve never been very good at making TBR lists, because I always fail at reaching my goal. Sometimes I ended up too busy reading books for all my literature classes. Sometimes I even strayed from the list after purchasing a book that looked so good I started reading it immediately. I think my biggest problem is -try as I might- I can’t read more than one book at a time unless the two books are completely different. (For example, I can’t read to fantasy fiction novels, or they’ll start melding together. I can, however, read a fantasy fiction piece while also reading a historical fiction book.)

Because I never finished my TBR lists, I stopped making them. The only one I regularly make now is a “Summer Reading List.” Since I’m usually no longer in school during the summer, I have more free time to read. This list helps me catch up on some of the books I desperately need to get to.


Do you keep a TBR list? Does it help or hinder your reading routine? Leave a comment below.

10 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts (#2): TBR Lists

  1. I usually make a TBR list for every month. I haven’t been very successful at keeping to them, but I find that it works as a fall back for me. When I create it the books on it are usually the ones I want to read at the time, but I tend to be a mood reader. So if I find that I am not sure what to read next I resort back to the list. I think it also shows my followers what I plan on reading soon so they can share their thoughts or suggestions, etc. But I hope that this month I am actually able to keep to my TBR better!


  2. I’m a total mood reader too, so that’s probably why TBR lists just don’t work for me and so I never use them. If I say I will read something one month then when it actually comes to it I might have changed my mind or no longer be in the mood for it. Usually a read-a-thon or buddy read helps because I have some motivation to actually get to it. Here’s mine, my answer is at the bottom.

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  3. I’m ify about TBR lists. Last year I didn’t make one for June and it worked great. I read 8 books, but once I started College I no longer had the motivation to read a lot and there was no need to because I didn’t have 5 to 6 books on my TBR that I wanted to complete that month so I didn’t read as much the second half of the year. I started making TBR’s again in January and so far it has helped me keeping reading, but on the other hand I have not encountered any bad books this year so I think my TBR list is working. I limit myself to five books. If I don’t finish them oh well. I will put them on next month’s list. I think the whole thing is taking pressure out of the TBR list then it can be fun again. Here’s my post.

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    1. Compared to most, I’m generally a slow reader. Depending on how busy college and work life are, it takes me one to two weeks to read a book…sometimes even three. I never understood how you guys do it. 😛


  4. I don’t keep a strict TBR list either. I keep in mind a few goals though: for instance, I want to read one book from a country I never or rarely read anything from each month. I have a list of “want to read” and I just pick the one that I feel drawn to when the time comes.


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