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Thursday Thoughts (#1): Book Hype



Thursday Thoughts is an original, weekly meme hosted by Ok, Let’s Read where I’ll post my thoughts on whatever topic is thrown at me. If you would also like to participate, find out the rules by clicking here.


This Week’s Topic:

Book Hype


My Thoughts:

I’ve been the victim of over-hyped books more than I care to admit, and I’ve found them to be misleading the majority of the time. I’m not sure if it’s that the hype causes my expectations to be set too high, but I almost always seem to be disappointed. Over-hyped books gain such a massive audience, one much grander than that of the books I consider most precious, and it seems daunting to me that we can allow these books such undeserving esteem.
Now, I’m not including ALL over-hyped books. (I did very much enjoy The Hunger Games– though that may be attributed to the fact that I read this series before it became so popular.) I’m talking about the Twilights and the Fifty Shades of Greys that have thrown shadows over novels with actual literary merit.
Yes, I understand that a lot of people actually enjoyed these books, and that’s okay. But I want you to realize there are so many more books out there, and just because a book is an easier read, doesn’t mean that it’s a better one.
What are your thoughts on over-hyped books? Does the hype make you enjoy the book more? Less? Leave a comment below.

5 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts (#1): Book Hype

  1. I’ve had a lot of bad luck with over-hyped books recently – Every Day, Code Name Verity, Splintered & Fangirl to name just a few. I feel like the hype makes me raise my expectations a lot and then I end up judging the book a lot more than I usually would, I found all of those really disappointing. I did recently read We Were Liars and felt it deserved the hype. Definitely agree about Fifty Shades & Twilight, not sure why either of those are so popular. Fifty Shades was originally Twilight fanfiction so that probably helps explain why that’s popular. Here’s my post, my answer is at the bottom of the post! 🙂

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    1. I think it’s funny when people ask for my thoughts on Fifty Shades of Grey and then get angry when all I have to say is “pure porn with little plot.” And if you watch some of E. L. James’ interviews, she basically admits that it was a midlife crisis porno. 😉


  2. The problem with hyped book is that you don’t really know where it comes from. Marketing? Actual readers’ enthusiasm? If it is genuine, how can you know that your tastes match the ones of the people who loved this particular book?
    I find the “best-seller” thing a very bad criteria to find books that I will really enjoy. It’s just that we all people have so different taste…


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